Supporting Characters

characters_fundie Fundie
The good old neighborhood Christian who can’t wait to show you the love of Jesus.
characters_stan Vincent
Boyfriend of Stan, Vincent has sharp hair to match his sharp wit. Vincent will cut you down before you even get to shake his hand. Don’t worry though… he means it in the most loving way possible.
characters_perth Futhark Kid Perth
Mysterious and silent, the Futhark Kids are indescribable.
characters_othala Futhark Kid Othala
Mysterious and silent, the Futhark Kids are indescribable.
characters_asa Futhark Kid Asa
Mysterious and silent, the Futhark Kids are indescribable.
characters_johnnie Johnnie
Enlightened a little too much, Johnnie is the leader of the local sect of the Pagan Spiritual Tradition of the Spiritual Fish.
characters_craig Craig
Follower of the Spiritual Fish, and overall plotting and scheming pathetic moron.
characters_kay Kay
Feisty and demanding, she’s a woman on a mission! Keeper of Vast Knowledge of the Spiritual Fishie she is out to reap vengeance for those slain in the name of the Fish. If only there actually were Spiritual Fish martyrs…
characters_reiki_master Reiki Master
Conjuring the awesome power of the Reiki he is able to mend bone, cure disease, and cook a hot-dog.
characters_fairie The Fairies
Victor’s spirit guides. They love to torment his tortured soul with their sweet and innocent goodness!
characters_thepope The Pope
He’s white, he’s papal, and his hat is bigger then his body! It’s the Pope in all his infallible glory!
characters_jacob Jacob, a Clown for Christ
Come on kids, Jesus is Fun! Think about learning all those important biblical topics like death, torture, pain and resurrection from a friendly neighborhood Clown for Christ!
characters_linda Linda
She’s looking for love… with Jesus! We forewarn you though, don’t ask her what she uses her crucifix for. Let’s just say, she’s defiantly very close to God.
characters_candy Candy, a Cheerleader for Christ
Do a cheer, you know you want to! Doesn’t Christ make you want to do the splits on your local altar too?! Jump for joy, cause Candy is here to cheer you on to salvation!
characters_fututor Apollinis Fututor – Captain Dead Language
He speaks Latin, he’s got on roman armor, and he will gladly conquer you!
characters_fina Fina
Crazed cat or plotting pussy? Either way she’ll scratch your eyes out before you can blink, or cuddle up with you if you give her some cat nip. PS: don’t try to smoting her.
characters_tina_devalve Tina DeValve
Atheistic and crazed woman who was once the Boob Vampire. Now plotting her return to power as an undead overlord using Twinkies, Ho-Hos, and some matches.
characters_uu-of-8 UU of 8
He’s lost all identity, personality, religion, sex, gender, sexuality, and spirituality… he’s Unitarian! And you better steer clear or you might become one too!
characters_markus Saint Grand High Markus, Ordained Ceremonial Magician of the XXXII Order of Apsu
Many ask him why he has such a long name (he won’t be addressed by anything shorter). Don’t worry, it’s an an inner order mystery, and you can never begin to fathom to understand such power. Either way, he never takes off his robe a
characters_nate Nate
A simple man humble in his endeavors, Nate is a humble Chaos magician who seems to understand more the he lets on. Who knew chaos could be so smart, or cute!
characters_queernunnos Queenunnos (Herbert)
A subsumed embodiment of the Great Gay Pink God himself, Queernunnos walks this Earth as a force to be reckoned with, but of what we are not sure. Most just notice him from a distance and say “huh, well lookie there!”

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