First off, let me introduce myself. I’m Eddas. Like you, I am a fan of the comic Oh My Gods, drawn by the very talented Shivian. Like some of the characters in the comic, I am a Pagan. Specifically, I follow the Norse gods.

Like most fans, I was saddened when Shivian stopped drawing OMGs, I was further dismayed when OMGs was taken offline. Thankfully, all the comic strips, and then some, have been released in a two edition Omnibus, that you can get in hardcover or ebook. I highly encourage you all to go buy the omnibus, it’s more than worth it.

So, why this blog, you may be asking. In 2008, the comic was put into the Creative Commons. You may have seen select clips, on facebook, or other websites, but to my knowledge, there is no where available to read the entire comic from first strip to last, except for the omnibus.

I was able to find most of the strips on the internet archive at archive.org, so between those, and the Omnibus volumes 1 & 2, I will be posting each strip, one at a time. There are a lot of strips, eight years worth if I post one each weekday. Some days I may only post one, others I might post two or three.

I’m keeping this on wordpress.com for now, but if it gets popular enough, I’ll move it to its own website, at my own expense. Any ads that may show on here are put here because I have a free wordpress.com account. I will not see a dime from this.

Look forward to the first strips starting Monday!



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